Client Testimonials & Success Stories

Greater Boston SCORE has helped thousands of clients fulfill their dreams and build thriving businesses. 

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Feedback From Our Clients:

"Before I met my SCORE mentor, I’d worked at a lot of jobs and was really a hard worker.  He taught me how to work smart."
"We achieved more in an hour and 20 minutes than I have with anyone I've spoken with to this point."
"Thanks again for the time you make to pass on your wisdom to the next generation. I look forward to our next meeting."
"I must say that I have got some amazing insights and valuable feedback from you."

"You take me to a place where I am always surrounded by support and hope... It is mentors like you that truly make a difference in both personal and professional lives."
"It was fun to talk about something that we knew little about and explain it to someone who had all the right questions."
"I came away with some great ideas and have already put them into my plan."
"I really feel more confident when I run things by you... I  greatly benefit from the insights you provide."
"I found my meeting with my mentor to be incredibly helpful and insightful.  He was able to steer me towards resources that will be helpful to me and he offered suggestions and follow up that are useful."
"You have inspired and challenged me!"


I really need a mentor for ideas, networking and making helpful contacts, and feedback on my strategy. Marty, my SCORE counselor,  is great at this!

PMS Bites

Tania Green, CEO and Founder of PMS Bites, launched her Kickstarter on Tuesday, February 10 and reached her initial funding goal of $5,000 in less than 15 hours.


SCORE has given me the additional confidence to launch, Simply DAHLICIOUS Custom Catering and Confections, a small entrepreneur company.

Boston Crawling

Boston Crawling provides Boston history tours that feature local craft beer along the way.  Our SCORE mentor has instilled a keen awareness of  the growth potential for the company

English and Culture Tutoring

I have been working with the Boston Score office since September of 2010. I have greatly appreciated the guidance, advice and mentorship that I have received from SCORE.

American ESL, Inc.

On two different occasions we visited with Jack Calkins of SCORE in Boston.

Smudge Ink

We have had an excellent experience with the Boston chapter of Score for the past 4-1/2 years.  We have benefitted from a valuable third party perspective on financial, strategic,

Strategic Solutions Group

Our experience with SCORE has significantly exceeded our expectations.  From our first meeting, it was clear our SCORE counselors share so much more than just business advice.  The

The Dinner Daily

We have been working with SCORE since the initial days of developing our business plan and now navigating our way through our first year in business.

The New Workplace Institute

I never imagined that a workshop on how to start a small business would be so inspirational, but that’s how I felt after participating in a day-long program sponsored by the Boston

Roman Music Therapy Service

I have been meeting with my SCORE Advisor on a monthly basis for the last two years and in that time, I have grown tremendously as a business owner.


As our organization has grown, we felt that it was necessary to create a mentoring program for our younger sales associates.  We turned to SCORE and not only has it helped to re-en