How SCORE helped. 

I have been working with the Boston Score office since September of 2010. I have greatly appreciated the guidance, advice and mentorship that I have received from SCORE. Starting a new business is not an easy task and it really helps to have someone on your side who understands the world of business and marketing. Before I began my company, I didn’t have any knowledge about how to run a small business. I feel that through my work with my mentor at SCORE, I have been able to learn some key aspects of business development that will serve me throughout my career. Not only is my mentor is knowledgeable about current marketing trends, in addition to marketing help, he has been able to offer advise on everything from my website to pricing for my service.  He is also helped me focus on my "vision" for the company, while also helping me flesh out my ideas by making me create a Business Plan to help clarify my thinking and serve as a roadmap for my evolving business without being overly complicated.

In addition to my work with my primary mentor, I have also met with a handful of other Score counselors for specific questions on legal, insurance and tax issues. The entire Score staff is extremely dedicated, friendly, and always willing to help. In my opinion, working with a Score counselor is a crucial part of any new business owner’s strategy. I look forward to continuing my counseling sessions at Score this year.

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