Excel - Data Visualization — Seeing the Story Our Numbers Tell February 15, 2022, 10:00am EST February 15, 2022, 11:00am EST

Most of us are drowning in data. Whether we're in securities analysis,
marketing, or our own one-person business, our computers inundate us with numbers
every day. Unfortunately, our ability to process such large quantities of information has
not kept pace with technology's ability to generate them.
That's where data visualization tools can help. They present a high-level graphical view
of our data that can help us spot trends that otherwise might get lost in the clutter.
This program will explain what data visualization can do, and demonstrate the
production of several visualizations in Excel.
Topics to be covered include:
 How and where data visualizations can be used;
 Examples of data visualization graphics, historical and contemporary;
 How to decide what type of visualization is best for each situation, for example
analyzing and understanding our own data versus making a presentation to a
bank of potential client or business partner;
 Available desktop and cloud-based tools for creating data visualizations directly
from our numbers;
 Organizing data for the visualization tool being used;
 Types of visualizations Excel can create; and
 Building visualizations in Excel using charts, conditional formatting and Excel
There will be plenty of time for questions, so come prepared.

Presenter: Gerald Rosenthal, ComputerImages.com

Key Topics

Excel - Data Visualization — Seeing the Story Our Numbers Tell