The HEROINE’S JOURNEY — Overcoming the Myths of Doing It All October 18, 2022, 12:00pm EDT October 18, 2022, 1:00pm EDT

This interactive, online, research-based workshop helps overburdened junior and mid-career women
recognize and overcome common limiting beliefs. Through cutting edge ideas, personal stories,
exercises, tools and techniques, we teach women to triumph over challenges so that they can thrive
authentically and powerfully at work.
Workshop participants will:
• Explore and untangle subconscious beliefs and patterns that limit their potential in the
• Engage with techniques and tools to challenge and replace erroneous assumptions to uplevel
their contributions at work.
• Overcome self-sabotaging behaviors to create more fulfilling and successful careers.
Business Outcomes
• Greater employee engagement
• Increased creativity, innovation and productivity
• Higher retention rates

About the instructors:
Susanna Katsman, Ed.M. is a Harvard Leadership Instructor experienced in the design and delivery of
highly interactive programs that result in meaningful and sustainable changes in mindset and
behavior. Susanna works primarily with middle managers and has conducted leadership development
engagements for women as a Senior Facilitator & Consultant with Orange Grove Consulting and she
also designed and delivered workshops through reacHIRE for women transitioning back into the
Jeff Leisawitz is a life coach for heart-centered humans and creative types who inspires and teaches
people (and organizations) to live their gifts and create meaningful lives of purpose, success,
connection and creativity. As an award winning musician/ producer, college songwriting prof, critically
acclaimed author, distributed filmmaker and internationally in-demand life coach, Jeff has worked with
clients including Microsoft, CBS, NBC, HBO, Audi, Huffington Post, Seattle Art Museum, Broadway
musicians, tech and advertising executives and many others.

The HEROINE’S JOURNEY — Overcoming the Myths of Doing It All