How to Start Selling in Amazon’s Store September 28, 2022, 12:00pm EDT September 28, 2022, 1:00pm EDT

In this free webinar, learn if you’re ready to sell in Amazon’s store and how to get started. Abby

Malchow, from Amazon’s Small Business Empowerment Team, will explain the fundamentals of

selling with Amazon including what to sell and when, how to list and deliver your products, and how

to grow and scale your brand online. She will also share information on the resources and programs

Amazon has to enable seller and small business success.


Small Business Empowerment @ Amazon

Abby Malchow is the Manager of Partnerships for Amazon’s Small Business Empowerment Team and

in her role she works with various organizations to help enable the success and growth of Small

Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Abby frequently works with startups through the Dingman Center of

Entrepreneurship at her alma mater the University of Maryland and in her free time she enjoys

helping her fellow military veterans thrive in small business and technology.

How to Start Selling in Amazon’s Store