Leadership and Creativity September 13, 2022, 12:00pm EDT September 13, 2022, 1:00pm EDT

Your participation is required in this interactive webinar!
(You will be asked to keep camera and mic on in certain portions)

Attendees will walk away with critical actions that every high level leader and creative
visionary must take to infuse creativity into their leadership.
• Practical tips
• Tools
• Step by step strategies
• Self discovery exercises

When you pair up a business and military leader with an award winning indie music
producer, filmmaker, and author, what could go wrong? The better question is ‘What
could go right?’
The best ideas and the most impact always come from the intersection of leadership
and creativity. Accessing both sides of our brains, connecting and integrating new
ways of thinking and activating them into useful methods and directions is where
synergy ignites— within ourselves and within our organizations.
Today’s business environment demands unprecedented levels of innovation,
connectedness, integration, and imagination. Organizational and individual success
now lies at the intersection of creativity and leadership. Unfortunately, too few leaders
embrace creativity and artistic approaches by choosing to “play it safe”—the most
dangerous option in the current climate.
Instructors Dr. Matt Poepsel and Jeff Leisawitz have synthesized seemingly opposing
domains to blend leadership science and creative arts in their unique curriculum. The
diametric duo teaches students how to meld both hemispheres of the brain, how to
dive deeply inward while focusing intently outward, how to quiet down in order to
speak up, and how to craft stories that inspire others by crystallizing a vision of a
better tomorrow.

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Leadership and Creativity