Personal Branding and Networking for Entrepreneurs December 6, 2022, 12:00pm EST December 6, 2022, 1:00pm EST

Learn how to differentiate yourself and make an impact, without changing your personality


1. Understand the power of personality, personal brand and networks in the entrepreneurial journey 

2. Learn how being an introvert or extrovert affects branding, networking and leadership styles

3. Dispel myths and biases about introverts and extroverts

4. Overcome fears and blocks against personal branding, networking and self-promotion to lead teams, develop business contacts and build relationships that serve you and others

5. Discover the step by step system to leverage your personality and increase your network in-person and on social media

6. Invite and apply diverse perspectives to achieve outcomes, even those you may disagree with

7. Practical tips for different types of interactions - how to prepare (before and after), 1:1s, small group meetings (15-20 people), happy hours, formal events or conferences (15+ people) 

Presenter: Prachee Kale helps introverted techies and entrepreneurs become leaders with a superstar personal brand and a network that generates returns. Her unique service offerings bust the blocks, myths and biases of branding, leadership and networking as introverts vs. extroverts. She has combined her personal experience and a 17 year, ‘4D’ corporate career in 1) business strategy, 2) technology & cybersecurity, 3) equity & inclusion and, 4) executive coaching to develop her four step method so her clients have a clear path to transform their fears, blocks and limits into accelerants. 

She is the CEO/Co-founder of Think.Design.Cyber and a Founding Executive Fellow at CyberTheory Institute. Prachee has a Masters Degree in Bioinformatics from George Washington University where she helped her introvert classmates defend their theses, experimented on HIV viruses, and did PCR tests (yep, those).

Prachee speaks on topics of empowering introverts, cybersecurity and gender diversity at global conferences, summits and podcasts. She makes meaningful connections with her audience and leaves them with a positive growth mindset, actionable steps and impact they remember. 

When she’s not working, Prachee loves to solo travel, sail, host dinners and is a total foodie. She will surely whip up something delicious whenever you visit! 

Fun facts: Prachee loves boats but afraid of swimming in open waters, she was once called a ‘pit-bull’ and ‘passionate’ woman during the same meeting! And, her sister is a total introvert but a successful Bollywood movie director.

Key Topics

Personal Branding and Networking for Entrepreneurs