Holly Christensen sells elegant handmade jewelry that incorporates sand, earth, and natural elements. In 2010, she launched Dune Jewelry, a web store where she sells her creations and even creates custom pieces using natural elements sent in by customers, like sand from a favorite beach, or a piece of birch bark from a special trip.

My successes. 

In six years, Christensen has grown Dune Jewelry from a $16,000 per year company to a $3,250,000 per year company, all while sustaining a 20 percent profit margin. Dune’s thriving e-commerce business now ships to over 800 locations worldwide.

How SCORE helped. 

Christensen calls her SCORE mentor, Rick Blank, “one of the smartest people I have met in my lifetime” and says that Blank has been instrumental to her business growth and healthy profit margin. “he has grown and evolved right alongside me and Dune. As issues arise, he brings in other mentors to help with specific challenges.  We all work as a team.”

Christensen advises other small business owners to dive in – if they are ready to marry their business. “You’ll never have the freedom to be mediocre ever again,” she says.

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