Meredith Pizzi’s second business started out as a solopreneur effort to provide early intervention music services for babies and toddlers, and for older children with developmental disabilities. Her workload as a contractor built up to require a more formal schedule and organization, and so Roman Music Therapy Services was established.

“We don’t make music for our clients,” Pizzi says. “We make it with them. The music has to change and adapt based on their responsiveness and we use the music in very strategic ways.”

My successes. 

Over the course of about 10 years, Pizzi’s business has grown to include 15 employees: 12 music therapists and three administrative support staff. Roman Music Therapy Services partners with more than 90 contracting agencies, and strives to provide funding opportunities for its clients to ensure they can afford and benefit from music therapy services.

Roman Music Therapy now provides “birth through end of life care,” serving clients as young as three weeks old and as old as 102. “We bring the music to them. I consider us problem solvers with music,” Pizzi says. 

How SCORE helped. 

Pizzi values SCORE’s Boston office as she grows her skills as a manager, business owner and leader. “Howard always refers us to the expert mentor,” for each situation, Pizzi says of volunteer mentor Howard Fineman. “He’s trying to get his clients the best resources available in the SCORE network.” Her mentor has supported her for eight years and counting, and the two meet or speak by phone once per month.

Pizzi notes that Fineman doesn’t just work with her; he also works with the company’s operations manager to support the growth of that role. 

“Howard and all of the mentors, their investment is solely in our success,” Pizzi says. There is a unique value in working with someone who is solely volunteering to help me grow and to help my business.”

Roman Music Therapy Services